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Crunchyroll and Duolingo Unite to Make Weebs Dreams Come True

Hey you, yes I’m talking to you. Are you a fan of anime, do you dream of going to Japan and finding yourself a beautiful princess to stand on you and call you a BAKA, but you don’t speak any Japanese. Well I have some great news for you.

Starting today Crunchyroll and Duolingo are teaming up to help you learn in a very unique way.

Duolingo’s Japanese course will feature phrases from fan-favourite, popular anime series. Duolingo’s Japanese course will feature “OVER 9000!”… ahem, nearly 50 phrases inspired by fan-favourite, popular anime.

And if you think this sounds awesome well we have even more good news for you.

As part of the partnership, premium Crunchyroll subscribers will be eligible for a two-month trial of Super Duolingo, the premium, ad-free tier of the language learning app. Free Crunchyroll users will be eligible for a one-month trial of Super Duolingo. Duolingo learners studying Japanese may be eligible for one free month of Crunchyroll Mega Fan premium access, which provides ad-free viewing of the world’s largest anime library of more than 44,000 episodes and 18,000 hours of series and films.

To encourage language learners looking to dive into the world of anime, Crunchyroll is also making a roundup of series with easy to understand, everyday vocabulary available on AVOD for a limited time, including: “Bananya”, which features an adorable kitty who lives in a banana, “Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club”, a sports anime following a high school swim club, “Laid-Back Camp”, the beloved slice of life series, and “Nichijou – My Ordinary Life”, a surreal comedy following three ordinary girls.

So what are you waiting for?

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