Deerstalker Pictures Has Released This Fiery Plushie

If you have been following me for a while you will know that I am a huge fan of the team over at Deerstalker Pictures, especially their Dungeons and Dragons-themed series 1 For All. This web series sees the comical misadventures of a team of DND players. And as much as everyone in the cast is excellent it is the Warlock Nixie who stands out, mostly because she is obsessed with all things fire and manages to me manic and adorable all at once. 

And this is not just my opinion especially since they have now turned this character into this cute little plushie. 

Now how can you resist a plushie that adorable?

Ok sure it looks like it might come to life and try and set you on fire, but sure that is just part of the fun.

If you want one either head to their Instagram here or check out their store here for plenty of awesome merchandise. 

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