A New Sword Art Online Game is on the way

When SAO came out, it came out swinging hard. The series about a group of gamers trapped in a life and death situation was strangely relatable and drew in legions of fans. Even if some of the arcs were definitely weaker than others seasons 1 and 3 definitely showed what the show was really capable of.

And since this was a series about online gaming it seemed perfect for the world of gaming. In fact there have already been released, but in 2023 fans will be treated to a brand new game.

Taking a different path than the original Sword Art Online anime, SWORD ART ONLINE Last Recollection will follow Kirito as he prepares to face a challenge like no other: the Underworld War. The gate to the Dark Territory cracks open, ready to unleash its terror upon the Human Realm, when a mysterious Dark Knight named Dorothy flies in with a mission for Kirito and his friends. They will once again have to fight to protect this world.

Long time fans of the series will be happy to see many of their favourite characters from the series.

 And there is more:

Finally, to celebrate this announcement, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, the voice of Kirito, shares some commentary and information about the new characters.

SWORD ART ONLINE Last Recollection, will be released in 2023 for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and STEAM®.

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