Dublin Comic Con Summer 2022 Cosplay Part 2

Well this is it, the follow up to my last Dublin Comic Con cosplay post. And I know I have said this a lot but seriously if you where one of the cosplayers who took the time to stop, pose and chat with me thank you, it was very much appreciated. I loved all your work and you all looked awesome. But enough about that, lets get into the reason why we are all here, COSPLAY !!!

Kicking us off here I need to ask, what would you prefer, to be feared?

To be respected?

Or to be adored?

Because these three capture those emotions perfectly.

(I will let you figure out which one is which)

Moving on from Star Wars, I was so glad to see such a wide variety of costumes and ages being represented. It gives me hope that I both am not to old for this scene and that the next generation are more than capable of keeping the torches burning. 

There was just so much talent on display this year, where costumes came in all shapes and sizes.

Did I mention the bit about all shapes and sizes?

I cannot wait to see what you all come up with for next year. 

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