Peachmilky Becomes Marin From My Dress Up Darling

Dress up Darling is fast becoming one of this season’s most popular animes and fans of the series have been quick to point out that Tokyo-based Cosplayer PeachMilky bears a striking resemblance to Marin from the series.

The series follows Wakana Gojo, who is a first-year high school student that dreams of one day becoming a Hina doll craftsman. During his first semester, the popular girl from his class, Marin Kitagawa, sees him making doll costumes in the school’s clothing room. Marin has wanted to cosplay her whole life and begs him to help make a costume based around a character she loves. Despite the fact that Wakana has absolutely zero experience making a costume on a human scale, he decides to help Marin. 

So it was only a matter of time before Peach, who is a huge fan of the series, decided to bring this cosplay to life.

And the resemblance is incredibly impressive. I am starting to think she is Marin come to life.

And her fans agree wholeheartedly.

Categories: Anime, Cosplay, Nerd Bites

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