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Dynamite: Nyx #1

Going into this I was not too fussed on the book, but after reading it I cannot wait for this next issue. Though Nyx may be a spin-off from a previous Vampirella series, you can just jump blind into this one without knowing much about the character. 

Right out the gate, we get to see how badass Nyx is, we literally watch her take out a group of Cartel hitmen and it is bloody and glorious. Nyx is shown to be a killing machine, but one that feels conflict over everything she does. We are then told of her origins and how she is half-demon and how this has affected her. The character clearly has a lot of trauma and due to her immortality, she is kept away from humanity and only embraces our shallow vices, while never getting the chance to form actual loving bonds. 

This has made her hard and callous, but we see that she has some good in her and it seems the series is going to deal with this concept. I guess this will be a good read for anyone with shitty parents, especially those of us who choose to act out in negative ways. 

Marc Borstel has really outdone himself here. He has drawn Nyx to be enticing and sexy but never has her looking slutty. He has sex scenes but they also never stray into perverse, except one that involves an actual demon, though in that case there is not much you can do about it. I also love his layout and how he has chosen to place each panel. The book is such a joy to read.

I would say more but due to the nature of this being the first issue it would be hard to avoid spoilers.

It is something different and something I hope to see more of very soon.


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