Shang-Chi Trailer Breakdown

The latest trailer for Shang-Chi has revealed a lot and I thought I would break out an old favorite and go through the trailer to see if I have missed anything…

This is one of the changes I am quite happy about. In the original comics the Ten Rings where ten “magical” gems fused onto rings that The Mandarin wore. Each had a unique power such as the abilities to shoot ice, electricity, fire and even give him enhanced mental powers too. I do not think that this would transfer well into the MCU and the idea to change them to Iron Rings was rather inspired.

The Iron Rings are used in Chinese martial arts forms training, though I would assume something similar could be or is done in other martial arts. This is done  to improve the mind and body and to get the most out of your forms training, Though for originally for training they have been used as weapons in several films, most notably by Jackie Chan in Drunken Master.

With the return of the Mandarin comes the return of the Ten Rings, his MCU based organisation. This has me wondering the Ten Rings that Iron man had interactions in his first film, where they the same Ten Rings that we see here or where they also the fake group that we saw in Iron Man 3?

Still judging by this banner i am wondering if we will see a flash back to the early days and formation of the organisation.

We finally got to see the MCU’s Mandarin in action and his ten rings are quite powerful. Though the extent of his powers have yet to be demonstrated. Still they are visually quite stunning and will be a real treat to see used.

And this would be the 2nd MCU appearance of the incredibly talented Michelle Yeoh. Her original appearance was a minor cameo at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 as Aleta Ogord, this time round I believe she may be the mother, or mother figure of Shang-Chi and be the one to teach him how to use his abilities.

Next we jump in between a few shots of Shang-Chi’s training as a child  up to him fighting what appears to be the same people years later attacking him and forcing him to fight. I guess this was a test of sorts…

It seems that the Mandarin wants his son back. We know already that he left the organisation to have a normal life, but the first trailer implied that he only he thinks he ran away and that his father knew the whole time where he was. Maybe he wanted his son to get some real world experience and hoped it would convince him to join his organisation. I just love this shot, because you can see him uneasily staring at rings on his fathers arm. It shows that Shang-Chi is genuinely is terrified of him and what he can do.

And we get a brief look at Michelle Yeoh as Jiang Nan teaching a young Shang-Chi what ever abilities she has.

Ye I am struggling to explain this one. I know that in the comics the Mandarin’s rings came from a crashed Spaceship that was piloted by alien Dragons and in the comics Shang-Chi has battled numerous Dragons so maybe this is connected…

This may be seem like a random goon but this is Razor Fist. He is a marvel villain of some renown, Though he has no has now powers Razor Fist’s physical strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes & reactions, coordination, balance, and endurance are honed to the peak of human conditioning. Also  Razor Fist’s hand has been surgically replaced with a steel blade, in the case of the MCU this blade seems like it may be more than your typical blade, especially since it is glowing bright red.

Then we move forward through a few random fights that show Shang-Chi in the final battle calling someone out. I assume it is his father. There is also a giant four legged beast that seems to be going to town on someone.

Finally we see the Abomination fighting a wizard from the same order as Dr Strange and we also know that Wong is due to appear. So this is Shang-Chi tying things in with the unwanted stepchild of the MCU -The Incredible Hulk and one of the more recent origin films, Dr Strange. 

At the end of the day I am very impressed with what I see. This film seems like an origin story but one that will not follow the formula of previous Marvel films. Plus the film has not wasted its cast, it understands that this is a landmark event for Marvel and it looks like it will not drop the ball on this one.



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