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Dynamite: Vengeance Of Vamperella Issue 18 Review

Things are really heating up in the latest issue of Vengeance of Vamperella. Our titular hero has just risked it all on a plan that had a slim chance of working and right when she thought it would suceed her most trusted ally turns on her…

Oh what is a girl to do?

I wont lie, as a reader I was a little disappointed in Adam, I had hoped that he would not be so foolish, after all who in their right mind would betray Vampirella?

Still our man has made his choice and he has to face the consequences of his actions. Of course, the battle with Adam is only part of the story. So dear readers please do not fret because someone like him is barely a threat to out Vicious Vampireic Vixen. And issue 18 has so much more for you to see.

Eighteen is where all the threads have started to finally come together, and please trust me, this is everything you could have hoped for. There are highs, there are lows, a few great one liners, lots of action and of course at the heart of it all is Vampirella. Thomas Sniegoski has really outdone himself with this one. It is usually at this point where stories tend to dither, but its issue 18 and I feel like this steam train has a long ways to go.

As with any book in this medium the story would be nothing with some amazing art to bring it to life. And in this artist Kewber Baal  has truly exceeded and if you want to see more of his work then check out the link here. Another great issue in an all round fantastic series and if you are looking to grab yourself a copy it is on say from the 19th of May 2021.


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