Magnets and Flying Cars – Apparently This Is The Next Logical Step

I have grown up with this franchise, in fact part of the reason I got my drivers licence is because I thought that Dom’s crew was so cool, you know stealing those DVD players, or was it VHS/DVD players. Looking back I am pretty sure I was wrong about that.

A franchise that was all about small crimes and street racing has truly gone to strange and wonderful places…

Submarines, driving through skyscrapers, taking out drones, super powered Idris Elba and international gangs, these guys really have done it all.

In the end the franchise now has nine films in the main series, one spin-off and I believe a Kids TV series under its belt. I am not sick of it, I don’t think any of the fans are at this point, which is kind of mental. Personally after the last 18 months of well everything, this may be the perfect film to lift our spirits, a pure action packed popcorn flick.

Plus Han is back and he was always one of my favorite characters from the franchise.

What about yourselves?

Are you looking forward to seeing this, or are you sick of the franchise?

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