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Ani-Mia To Grace The Cover Of Dynamites Bettie Page

Once again Dynamite comics are teaming up with legendary cosplayer Ani-Mia to help bring Bettie Page to life. She will be appearing on the cover of their newest upcoming Bettie Page series, The Curse Of The Banshee.

Of course this is not their first team up as previously Ani-Mia for their ongoing Vamperella series. And just one look at that cover and you know they made the right choice with this casting.

But back to Bettie. The series is mostly one shots and short story arcs that detail the fictional adventures of Bettie Page. So if you are looking for a brand new series to dive into this is the perfect choice. And if it sounds familiar that is because another famous face graced the cover of this series not so long ago.

As with R1ddle’s cover Ani-Mia will have variants and signed copies that will be available too. Though if you want a signed copy you will need to keep an eye out on her social media and store because they do sell fast.

Even if the special edition collectors covers do not interest you  I still highly recommend you check out the series because it is really fun, completely bonkers and just a real great read.

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