A Real Treat From The Drew And Look Podcast

if you have been keeping up with Nerdgesit you will know that we have become big fans of the Drew and Look Podcast and this week they have quite eth surprise in store for us all as Andy Luke will be talking to Tim Loane, creator of the hit tv show, Teachers. So why is this Podcast talking about Teachers?

Well the show is officially 20 years old, still great and helped launch the career of Andrew Lincoln, Phyllis Baxter, Nina Sosanya and even featured some early work for James Corden. So yes it seems appropriate that we talk about it.

The series is Led by Andrew Lincoln and sees him and  a half dozen recently qualified teachers brave the pupils of Bristol’s Summerdown Comprehensive, which is small beans when compared to their own chaotic lives which are riddled with neuroses.

The series ran for four years and even earned an American remake, so it has a following and if you have not seen it I recommend you check it out. I actually barely remembered it so I had a quick view and honestly I am a little sad I missed this the first time round.

So if you are curious then check out the Podcast here.

And as always check out Andy Luke’s links below


Amazon – where you can grab some books by Andy himself



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