DJ Soda Shows Off Her Love For Darling In The Franxx

If any of you have followed this Artists Carer you will know that she is a huge nerd, cosplaying as Android 18, D.Va, Harley Quinn and several others, but her latest choice might have caught many of us off guard as she has chose to post several videos dressed up as Zero Two from Darling In The Franxx.

If you have never seen the series. it is very weird. Think Neon Genesis Evangelion but with STD’s, no mommy issues and dinosaurs – sort of.

Zero Two is the break out character from the show and if I tried to describe her backstory it would just start to melt heads.

She even takes it a little further…

Even uploading some videos to her Tik Tok.

It is nice to see someone embracing their nerdy side in such an open and fun way, plus it kind of adds to her performance.

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