Netflix Are Bringing Us Transformers Goodness

With how Netflix has helped bring Voltron and She-Ra back from obscurity I am very glad that they will be having a crack at Transformers too. Not only that but Rooster Teeth will be producing this series, so this is already a double win.

The new series will tell the fall of the Autobots and show the origins of their war against the Deceptacons.

In this news series we will see a Dominant Deceptacon force continually push back the Autobots who are reduced to the role of terrorists in this series. In fact in a terrifying parallel to the real world you can hear Megatron talk to a crowd about Autobot aggression and how it needs to be met with force. This def is not your granddaddies Transformers, it is bleak and it is dark, with a depressed and terrified force of Autobots beginning to resent their leader Optimums Prime, a warrior unwilling to compromise and unwilling to surrender. 

The animation for this series is absolutely perfect. Usually I am not a fan of cel-shaded CG but here it works perfectly. My only major comp;laint is that the Robots in disguise are turning into their Earth Transformations, instead of their Cybertronian ones, which is a little silly. Still it is a series about Giant Robots so who I am to call something silly.

Guess we will need to stay tuned for its official release date.

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