Keanu Reeves Looks Awesome As Darth Revan In This Fan Cut Trailer

2019 really was the year of Reeves, he time and time again proved that he is breathtaking and I know we all want more of him. Well recently there has been a movement within the older Star Wars community to have Reeves take on the Mantle of Darth Revan in an Old Republic film/ series. I for one am 100% behind this idea.

To create this trailer they have drawn together footage from several Star Wars films, including fans films like Hoshino, The 47 Ronin and the Mandalorian, it does come off as a little disjointed but still the idea kind of works and honestly I want more…

If you are wondering who Revan is, well he was once a powerful Jedi general who led an rebel group of Jedi to defeat an army of Mandalorian’s that where invading the Old Republic. The war dragged on and was brutal, each side began using planet killer level weapons and each side would go on to commit war crimes. At the end of the war Revan would discover that the Mandalorian’s  had been manipulated by a greater threat one that no one saw coming, a hidden Sith Empire.

Revan would take his most trusted ally to go and take down the leader of this mysterious Sith Empire. This would be his greatest mistake. After some time the two would reappear in the galaxy now leading their own Sith faction and declaring all out war against the republic. Fortunately Revan’s second in command would betray him and leave him to the Jedi. The Jedi would see that he was being manipulated and thus wiped of his memories and let fate become his new guide.

Eventually Revan would join the fight and regain his memories leading to the light side defeating the dark. It is quite the epic tail and one I hope Disney choose to tell.


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