El Camino Looks Bloody Brilliant

All fears are officially gone El Camino looks brilliant. The series seems to follow Jesse Pinkman now freed from captivity and on the run.

If your struggling to remember during the final Season of Breaking Bad Jessie had ended up being held in captivity by a group of white supremacists who forced him to cook meth for them. Not only that they made him live in a hole in the ground and treated him like a pet, an abused pet. In the final episode of the series Walter, who at this point thinks Jesse is cooking for the white supremacists, goes to confront them and kill Jesse, ending this whole ordeal. Yet once Walt realizes the truth of the matter he saves Jesse’s life in one final act of goodness to save the life he once condemned. The final shot we had of Jesse was him breaking down in his car and that’s all we where left with.

El Camino will show his rise from being a broken man, to a man with a purpose. I can not tell will this be a story of revenge or redemption?

No matter what the show looks like it is going to be very intense and definitely worth a watch.


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