Terminator Resistance Is Coming To Playstation

It is a known fact that Terminator 2 is one of the greatest films of all time and sadly it is also known that the Terminator games have been rather lackluster (bar a few exceptions) but it looks like all that is about to change with the release of Terminator Resistance. 

In the game you play as a soldier called Jacob Rivers, who fights in the Resistance Pacific Division across post-apocalyptic Los Angeles 31 years after Judgment Day. Only as the game goes on you soon discover that you are one of Skynets targets, meaning your one of Mankind’s few possible saviors. If you have seen the first two films in the franchise this game perfectly captures the feel of their post apocalyptic future and honestly looks like everything we could have hoped for.

This may be what Terminator fans everywhere have been waiting for…

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