Baby Shakes Really Shake Things Up With Their New Track

If you have not heard of Baby Shakes well then your missing out. They are a little pop, very punk and plenty of old school rock yet they never stray into the realms of the mainstream. Think like early day Ramone’s but with more chill, or like a fast paced female fronted Beatles – as you can see it is hard to define them and dear readers that is what makes them amazing. I myself stumbled onto them be accident over Twitter and I have been hooked ever since.

The Bands latest video see’s them take on New York in the most grand and magnificent way. Hearkening back to films like Attack of the 50ft Women and Ghost Busters 2 the video, which has been shot in an old B movie style, see’s Baby Shakes perform this monster tune across the city that never sleeps. At first glance the regular folk are a little terrified but eventually they give into the music and all begin to enjoy it.

A video fits the song perfectly. Cause A Scene is all about ignoring the scene and doing what you love – and honestly me hitting my mid 30’s – well I am glad to be reminded of that. In the end it is a great fun song that is here to remind us that though summer is almost over, it is never to late to have a good time,

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