Get Charged Up With Black Panther

Admit it if you where like me and after seeing Black Panther, you just wanted to get your hands on some sweet Wakanda based tech. Sadly that type of tech is way off but in the meanwhile Cableguys have you covered with this great Black Panther themed Controller/Phone/Tablet charger. You can show off your Wakanda pride and keep your gear charged all at once. Plus with the announcement of Black Panther 2 this is the perfect gift for all your nerdy friends.


And if you are not a Black Panther fan or would prefer to have all the Avengers do not fret because this is one of many that Cable Guy have been and will be releasing. If you want to buy one then grab it from Zaavi here.

The charger is not only comparable with most controllers but also with your tablets and phones too, which is handy, especially if like me you like to watch Youtube when your in the bathroom. The Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Cable Guy Controller Holder stands at a 8-inches tall with a 6-foot long USB C charging cable for your devices, making it both compact and versatile.

So who else wants one of these?

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