Love Alarm: The Philosophical K-Drama

Not everything is supposed to be easy, yet we warp technology to make everything simple for ourselves. Getting food is as easy as clicking a button, turning the lights on is a simple voice command and talking to your friends can be done even if you are miles apart. In the right circumstances these things are great but isn’t it better to make your own food, would it not be just as easy for me to hit that light switch and is there anything better than sitting in a room with your buddies and chilling out?

Love alarm is a film that looks at a world where an app tells people if someone within their vicinity is in love with them. Which on the surface seems utterly stupid but then I watched the trailer and it got me thinking, would you want someone to know that you loved them?

It really is a double edged sword.

Love can be quite a fleeting feeling and it can be one that changes and evolves. So to anyone who has ever been in love with their best friend, but maybe wanted the friendship more, or to anyone in the closet in love with someone who could never love them back, well you just would not want them or anyone to know. In a way the idea of an app telling you who is in love with you is kind if like Pandoras box, you really do not want to unleash that upon the world.

Love Alarm is an upcoming Netflix Original South-Korean drama based on the Webtoon of the same name by author Chon Kye-Young. This is actually the first K-Drama ordered by netflix, but is the fourth to be released. The series will be delving into some serious territory and may be the K-Drama to finally convert my bitter self.

The cast contains Kim So-hyun, Jung Ga-ram, Song Kang, Shin Seung-ho, Go Min-si, Lee Jae-eung and Song Geon-hee. It will begin airing on the 22nd of August 2019, I hope you all enjoy.

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