Fandom Party – the event that everyone at San Diego Comic Con wants to attend!

Fandom proved once again it’s the most exciting party at San Diego Comic Con after tickets sold out in under a minute. The highly sought out invites are always difficult to score but this year saw more fans than ever try their luck with many reporting that they couldn’t even get the link to load because there was so much traffic to the website.

While many fans have expressed dismay, tickets selling out so quickly is not a surprise. The Fandom party has been growing in popularity each year with many glowing reviews from those lucky enough to attend. Its well stocked open bar, wide range of delicious food and fantastic entertainment give guests a break from the Comic Con crowds as well as a great night to remember.

This year looks to be no different. Fandom is partnering with Cirque Du Soleil who will be sharing a sneak peak of their brand new show R.U.N which will premiere in Las Vegas later this year. With a voiceover narrated by filmmaker Robert Rodriguez, the act will feature live action stunts, pyrotechnics, motorcycle tricking, and a rooftop battle. This will be followed by a special performance by Girl Talk.

The annual rooftop bash will take place at the Float at Hard Rock Hotel on Thursday 18th July. For those of you who managed to get tickets, we hope to see you there!

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