Pixar Just Dropper Their Newest Trailer

Join Tom Holland and Chris Pratt as they play two brothers on a search to see if there is any magic left in the world, so they can speak to their father one last time…

What a tag line to get you hooked. this film already has the feelings of a classic and I have not even watched it yet

If you do now know much about Onward it is a suburban fantasy film. Set in a fictional world where elves act like us, unicorns act like raccoons, Trolls and Satyr roam freely and magical trees grow in the middle of car parks. This is a world that was once magical but has become rather mundane and there is something beautiful in that, mix it with the tragic yet heart warming quest that our two heroes are on and you have an instant hit. 

Yes folks I will be seeing this one as soon as it comes out.

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