Persona 5 Scramble; What We Know So Far

For so long we had all assumed that Persona 5S, was short for Persona 5 Switch, because we all knew that the Nintendo Switch was getting a new Persona game, but it looks like we where wrong. The S stands for Scramble. It is easy to see where the confusuion game from, especially since big companys such as Best Buy where marketing it as such. So now that we know what the S stands for, what is Persona 5 Scramble?

It looks like Scramble will be a Musou type game, just like the ever popular Dynasty Warriors. Speaking of Dynasty Warriors, for this game Atlus are partnering with Omega Force, the development team behind Dynasty Warriors.

The trailer shows Joker in what may be Shibuya, perched up on a street light . Joker proceeds to jump from the street light and engage a horde of enemies. I am not an expert on Dynasty Warriors but apparently the fighting system will be a mixture of both Persona 5 and the Dynasty Warriors system.

To make this all the more mouthwatering, at the end of the trailer we are teased to a possible new character. Is this friend or foe?

I guess Time will tell.



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