What We Know About Persona 5 The Royal

What a bloody trailer, Persona 5 The Royal looks like it is going to be everything we hoped for and more. If you have not played the original game, it follows a transfer student in Tokyo who discovers that he and his group of friends have the ability to break into peoples hearts and change them by taking their darkest desires. It sounds kind of weird but along the way you take down a teacher who sexually and physically assaults his peoples, an artist who steals work from his students, the Yakuza and even go after a major politician, it really is a unique set of villains. I think the popularity of the game is down to the all to realistic villains, these are shitty awful people who any decent person would want to see brought low, yet we lack the power, Persona 5 gives you, the player, the power to take these truly vile cretins down.

Not only is the games premise incredibly engaging but visually it was of the most beautiful games of the past decade. To make it even more engrossing you can travel to some of Tokyo’s most iconic landmarks and while there you can take some of your best friends with you, each a dynamic character in their own right, some with more compelling stories than the majority of characters from modern games.

Atlus are now at a point where they think they can improve upon this game…

With Persona 5 The Royal.

This new version of the game will have all the obvious stuff, such as improved graphics, improved audio and a host of other technical improvements that I am not smart enough to fathom, but that’s not all.

The game will also feature a new character, new locations a new confident and more plot line than you can shake a stick at. So not only will you visit new places, but you can befriend the new exchange student and find an ally in the school Councillor. This game will truly be expansive. Sadly we in the west will have to wait till 2020 to see this release.



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