Stop Everything FKA Twigs Is Back

I discovered FKA Twigs by accident. I was by myself in Munich and I had an evening to kill, I ended up wondering round the city and got talking to some randomers, who just happened to be playing music and it was FKA Twigs. Now at the time I was pretty drunk and had to double check that I got the name right but turns out yes I did. Ever since then I have been a huge fan. She always brings something truly unique to the music scene and the fact that we had to wait three years was worth it.

Obviously the song is of her usual caliber but unsurprisingly she also decided to put out a fantastic music video.

The music video never misses a beat and is kind of an emotional roller coaster which is at times pure sex, yet empowering, moving onto memorizing and ending at trippy, In fact in just to make this video she specifically learned to pole dance and I am not talking about one or two moves, she can really work that pole. None of this is surprising as she has worked as a professional dancer for years, but still her impressive skill is on full display in this video.

“when I wrote cellophane over a year ago a visual narrative came to me immediately,” Twigs tweeted. “I knew I had to learn how to pole-dance to bring it to life, and so that’s what I did. thank you @Andrew_T_Huang, for elevating my vision beyond words. you are a visionary”

If you have never heard of FKA Twigs before then this song is the perfect place to start. We can all expect big things from this truly talented artist.

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