Mystery And Murderous Intent Are Alive In Borderlands

With the imminent unveil of a new Borderlands due in mere hours fans have been clamoring to find any meaning behind this new trailer. As usual the boys and girls from Gearbox have brought us something this stylish with hidden layers of substance. You will be pausing this one repeatedly to pick any concealed treasures, just like any good vault hunter.

The trailer shows us many familiar faces such as Brick, Claptrap, Moxxi and Tiny Tina. Along the way you are taken for a ride around what appears to be a giant statue or monument only to zoom out and see a lot of people bowing before it. As it stands this all just the tease till something bigger comes along and as teases go this one has the fan community in a frenzy, it may not be Borderlands 3, but Mask of Mayhem will deliver on something me and so many others desire.


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