Accor Hotels Want To Take You To The Movies

Sit back and let Accor hotels take you away to 5 of 2019’s hottest fictional destinations. Being taken away to a far off land is one of the best reasons to travel of course maybe real life isn’t enough, maybe we want to travel a little further like to Titan, Arendelle or Pride Rock?

If this is what you want then do not fret because Accor Hotels have you covered with these wonderful promotional posters. They are the perfect blend of nostalgia invoking art and pop culture reference.I guess the only question left is, what is your favorite?

If you check out their homepage you can see some delightful descriptions below each location, advertising what is it like there.

The company had this to say:

Being transported to far-off fictional lands is one of the many joys of cinema. Magical destinations that appear so real, that you can almost imagine yourself jumping into the screen and taking a wander around. But what if you could actually visit scenes from the big screen?


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