Stranger Things Finally Gives Us A Glimpse At Season 3

I finally see why Netflix took their time with this one. Stranger Things Season 3 looks so different from all the previous entries, now switching to a summer timeline and with that a new theme all together. Where the previous seasons where in the latter half of the year with death and endings playing a huge role this one is in summer and seems to follow the transitional time of change between child and adult, the awkward puberty years …

Just watching this trailer made me feel so nostalgic to may summer days, to young love, to feeling invincible, to just spending time with the most important people in my life, my friends. Also it could be clever editing but it looks like there may be love on the cards for the adults in the series as well, plus it’s nice to see that the two girls in the group have become friends and that Eleven has begun to embrace her powers in a more fun and innocent way.

Still this is Stranger Things and there is going to be plenty of dark, mysterious and scary stuff, possible at the mall. Yes this season looks like it may just top the previous one.

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