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i will never get enough Firefly, like so many others its cancellation really broke my heart. This issue see’s the outcome of Mal and Zoe’s war crimes finally catching up with them, meanwhile Wash, Book, Inara and Jayne have to deal with a murderous cult. Just another day in the verse for our not so heroic heroes.

Mal and Co are left in a fun yet generic tale of him having to team up with his enemy in order to save his friends. I honestly do not know how Mal deals with everything, it honestly feels like he really is jumping from one crisis to the next, hoping to hell that he makes it out alive. Though what really makes Mal appealing as a character is his innate sense of honor. He always does whats right, at least in his book. He never kills unless he has too, though he often does and has his own code that he sticks by. Luckily, for him, he has others round him who respect his honor so much that they are willing to behave in a dishonorable way to protect him.

Meanwhile Jayne, Inara, Wash and Sheppard manage to turn being kidnapped by a murder cult into a hilarious event one that just keeps getting funnier and funnier by the minute. I do not want to give to much away but these few panels just took the series from good to great. 

Between all this they also still found a way to River adorable yet deadly, which well that is the perfect way to describe her.

In the end this story really set us up for more and I honestly cannot wait to see what happens next. 

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