Brightburn The Trailer That Speaks To Our Darkest Fear

Brightburn is a strangely relevant film. I know you guys are probably wondering how a film about an Evil Superman can be relevant to the modern world but sit back and listen. From the trailer it looks like Brightburn will be about a family who take in an alien boy, very Superman like, but instead of Clark Kent they get Damian from the Omen. So what relevant fear does this draw upon?

In a tone akin to H.P.Lovecraft this film draws upon our fears of the Alien and the Unknown. Look at Stories Like Beyond The Wall, Cool Air and even the more Famous Shadow Over Insmouth all have fears of the unknown – which do translate to a form a of racism. I am not defending racism here but it is easy to have a fear of something new and different, perhaps that is why we should all travel more, anyway I digress, this film does draw on that fear and in an age where nations are beginning to rearm and racist ideology id becoming more and more rampant, this film could either feed it or possibly give us a window through which to analyse it. For all we know the film could flip itself on it’s head and be a story about love between a mother and her adoptive child, still it is early days either way it looks pretty intense.

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