Nerdgeist In Japan – Pokémon Cafe Review

I have always liked Pokemon but it was not until last year that my love for the Franchise was fully reignited by the sheer bombardment of merchandise in Japans Pokemon centers. So when we went back to Japan in 2019 we just had to visit the Tokyo Pokemon Cafe, because, well why not. Getting there was quite a weird experience. We walked about 10 minutes from Tokyo Station to this very nondescript set of glass doors, once we walked through we where greeted by a set of ordinary elevators and this not so ordinary wall.

At this point I knew we where in the correct place. Once out of the Elevators we where greeted my more colorful walls and this guy.

Sadly on our first visit we where a little late and could not get into the store, though second time round we managed to visit the store and if you are a Pokemon fan it really is worth checking out. Just so you know if you are going to the Pokemon Cafe then you need to prebook and you will need to be there promptly. There may be a line, because it is advised you turn up early, but while there you can browse the menu.

I will say this, the place is a great mix of relaxing and fun. It is very spacious and once seated you can easily wonder round and look at the decor, or grab some merchandise to purchase. That is something I cannot stress the cafe has a few unique goodies in stock that the main store lacks so it is worth checking out both. Also if POkemon is not your thing then there is a nice nice view from the windows.

Now do not worry if you don’t speak Japanese and you have to order some food, each table is complete with a little tablet that allows you to order in variety of languages. The only issue you might have is that it will not tell you the ingredients of the meals. So you will be ordering a curry and you will not know what is in it. Though some of the food and drinks have the main ingredient in there name.


Now for the good stuff, the drinks!

When a lot of people visit they tend to get the coffee because it comes with either a Pikachu or Eevee mug that you can keep, me and Jen on the other hand where there late at night and decided to skip the coffee instead we went for a variety of more fruity options. We tried the Flareon float – which seemed like a berry drink, The Ditto drink – I am still not sure what that was and the Deconstructed Chocolate Milkshake, which was delicious.

This is of course the main event the food, we tried multiple options and each had their strengths. Now do not go here expecting world class food. Though the food is delicious for what your paying you could maybe go somewhere else, but that somewhere else will not be Pokemon themed and wont come with all the extras.

First off is my favorite the Snorlax Hamburger Doria, this is a dish made of cheese, rice and vegetables, topped with a burger (complete with Snorlax faced omelette) and a side of soup and salad. It was so good and if you like cheese you will devour this in a heartbeat. Next up are the crisscross fries, complete with sweet and savory dips, I barely had any as Jenny ate them all, so they must have been good. Finally we have the Pikachu Curry, it was a deliciously flavorful rice, a not to spicy curry and little hash brown stars – no meat in this one but still very filling.


Though what would a fine meal be without a nice desert to cap things off. The pancakes where delicious but for me it was all about the donuts, it was just perfect and I kind of miss this simple yet delicious donut. It was literally sweet bread in icing but it just worked perfectly.

The general atmosphere was lovely, the staff where really friendly plus once every sitting Pikachu or Eevee comes out to greet everyone, which is kind of fun. You don’t even need to be a Pokemon fan to enjoy the cafe, it really is for everyone.


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