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Wow this one was a real surprise. It is no secret that of the two on going Power Ranger series that Boom! are publishing that I prefer Mighty Morphin to Saban’s but I am starting to rethink my stance on that. Though Mighty Morphing Power Rangers has taken the Power Rangers beyond time and space Saban’s is helping to further define the characters into complex three dimensional beings. The issue picks up with Jason and Trini stranded on a far away hostile planet, they soon realize that the citizens of this violent and primitive world worship Rita, meanwhile back on earth Billy struggles with his father and Kimberly goes on a surprising date.

The issue begins with a Flash Back to Trini’s younger years, which is nice because she was an often over looked character and sadly with the untimely death of Thuy Trang there was never a chance to come back and revisit the character. In fact it seems that a lot of this plot is going to help define who Trini is and what she is all about. On this new world her and Jason seem to have a telepathic bond, so not only have they swapped powers but they now hear everything that the other thinks, which leads to some unexpected revelations. Of course it’s not all internal, the teens are also on the hunt for their hated enemy and then they have to out smart the bitch at every turn.

Back on the home-front Kimberly finds herself on a date with Skull of all people, which goes a completely different direction than anyone would have thought. We the readers are treated to a deep and caring side to the character, one that the original show sometimes teased. While this is all going on Zack and Billy discuss the consequences of Billy having his own car and how this could be good for him.

Finally we come to Rita and her forces. We further see the limitations of her ruling by fear. As soon as her troops on Earth are left alone they begin to plot against her, with Baboo leading the charge, we even find out his tragic past and how behind his bumbling exterior lies quite the crafty genius. Rita herself proves to be truly ruthless sacrificing soldiers left right and center to obtain her ultimate prize, the 6th power coin …

One interesting note here is how parents keep popping up in this issue, Billy, Jason and Trini all discuss the relationships with their fathers while at the same time Rita has returned to this world as a mother like figure, if not a very twisted one. This seems to be a running theme one that has me curious to how it will develop.

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