The New Men In Black Really Surprised Me

I love the original Men In Black, it’s a great action film and on top of that at times it is down right hilarious. I enjoyed the original books it was based on, though the tone is incredibly different, I hated the second and third films, loved the Universal Studios ride and to this day still think that the animated series was criminally underrated. After the third film I honestly thought that the series was dead, even if there was talk of a Jump Street cross over…

Then came the trailer for Men In Black International and I was left pleasantly surprised.

First off the casting is brilliant I am a fan of both Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, we know they work incredibly well together so their dynamic is practically a guaranteed success. Like the original film we see a rookie team up with a more experienced agent, the only difference this is that are newest member played by Tessa Thompson is the one who tracked down the MIB, she found them, before they found her. So here you have the rookie being the serious one, while the more experienced agent is the lackadaisical one.

For those unsure if this is a reboot or a sequel, this is most definitely a sequel, with the inclusion of a few familiar faces and these paintings we can see that this film pays homage to the old films while helping usher in the new. Perhaps the MIB franchise is not as dead as I once thought…

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