I’m Kind Of Worried About Hellboy

So the new Hellboy trailer came out last night and I am not sure what to think of it. First off Hellboy, the character, looks absolutely awesome, David Harbour really does look the part. No one can or will deny that, which is a great start because what the hell is the point in making thee films if our hero does not look the way he is supposed too…

But that’s where my praise ends …

The film seems to have taken a very light tone, which stands at odds with the previous films. Perhaps this was done on purpose to help differentiate it from the originals and do not get me wrong, Hellboy suits a certain gallows humor, but this seems like it is trying to be out right funny. Not only does the film take a lighter look, it also seems to be filled with a lot of CGI, with monsters and blood being added in, things that just look poor and finally where is the iconic supporting cast, we where supposed to have Lobster Johnson, there is no Abe, no Johann Kraus, no Liz Sherman and no Roger. I am hoping that they are holding off introducing these charters till sequels so as to give them more depth, but still this first trailer does not impress me.

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