Sorry Soul Caliber Fans Ivy is NOT Sexy

This is probably my most pointless rant ever and possibly my second stupidest battle that I have ever picked but here it goes. If you ever end up looking at lists of Sexiest video game characters of all times Ivy from soul caliber tends to pop up on them. Just this year Watchmojo, a Youtube channel that I am a big fan of, put out a list of 2018’s sexiest video game characters and of course Ivy appeared in it.

Isabella Valentine (イザベラ・バレンタイン Izabera Barentain), commonly called Ivy (アイヴィー Aivī), is a fictional character in the Soulcalibur series of video games. As introduced in Soulcalibur, Ivy was raised by the Valentines, a noble family in London, England. Ivy’s father became obsessed with the cursed sword Soul Edge, and worked himself to death. Her mother died shortly afterward, and revealed to Ivy that she was not their biological daughter. Becoming an alchemist, Ivy learned of her father’s obsession and decided to destroy Soul Edge. She created an animated, segmented sword, bringing it to life by unknowingly summoning Soul Edge’s current host, Nightmare, and was convinced to become one of his servants without realizing he wielded the blade she sought. After learning the truth, and that her real father was the sword’s previous host Cervantes and her to be its next, she departed. Continuing her quest to destroy the sword in later games, Ivy was attacked by Cervantes and her soul consumed in Soulcalibur IV. Using an artificial soul to keep herself alive, she acts as a teacher to younger warriors when Soul Edge re-appears years later.

She has become famous for her unique weapon, a magical powered “snake sword”, her unusual fighting style and of course her outfit. This is where she barely covers anything. Now before we go on I will admit that I am a perv and I do not see anything wrong with nudity, in fact I find the worlds obsession with people covering up just a little weird, we sexualise too much too often. Nudity should be a natural and beautiful thing, anyway I digress. Ivy wears some sort of faux fetish gear. Think S and M but Victorian England. I just come from a school of thinking that maybe showing less can be more and when it comes down to it, Ivy is just GIANT OVERSIZED BOOBS, and a big butt. Now again there is nothing wrong with anyone having these features, I just find it weird that she is always considered to be the sexiest women in the games. (The idea is a little outdated)

And she can have sexy outfits, like if you look at her alternate skin she tends to have something that is more conservative, yet in my opinion far more sexy.

To me this is sexier. Because of her natural shape you can still see her curves, yet the rest is left to your imagination. Not only that but this just screams authoritarian and refined, two traits that can be extremely sexy, especially if you like her for the ‘Dominant’ persona that she gives off. Meanwhile there are plenty of other women in the Soul Caliber series that could easily be considered sexier than Ivy, though I guess that all comes down to taste.

Some of my top choices would be:


These Greek beauty may show off her assets but its always been in a less obvious way. She represents the “Good Girl” trope but is a complete badass that fears no one.


This one I am loathe to put on the list because age here is kind if an issue, as I think she is 19, which is already young. But for the sake of this article I am talking about her style, she combines cute but deadly with a refined taste and that in itself is pure sexy. With nothing shown it is left all together to the imagination.

Seong Mi-Na

I am a little bias here but Seong Mi-Na is my default character and a total badass. Not only is she the rival of one of the series most terrifying villians but she has consistently been one of its main heroes since her inception.


If you like your women completely unhinged then Tira is the girl for you …

A women with a Split personality and  a hula hoop of death she is not a women to be trifled with and honestly there can be a weird appeal in the crazy archetype, maybe that or I am myself am a little crazy.

Chai Xianghua

This one def falls under the pretty umbrella. Xianghua is a cheerful young woman. She is kind and seems to sound a little childish but she never gives up. This is probably why she was able to wield Soul Caliber, which my default makes her one of the most dangerous women in the game.


My final pick and maybe it’s because I am a sucker for a red head, or the beauty spot, either way Hilde is sexy. She does not need to wear a skimpy outfit to show off how sexy she is, she just is. She uses common sense and outs on some armour and then proceeds to kick the ass of everyone around her, Hilde is sexy because she does not try and that is sexy, at least in my book.

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