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Into The Spider-Verse: Who Are The Spider-People

With the new Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse trailer we have been treated to a lot of not so familiar faces, so for anyone a little confused check out our list below on the whose who of the Spider-Verse.

Played by Jake Johnson, this Spider-Man will be from an alternate reality and will be there to help our protagonist learn how to be Spider-Man. Unlike all his previous appearances this Spider-Man is a grown adult and fully fledged superhero.

Mile Morales is the second Spider-Man and fairly new to the job Bitten by a slightly different genetically engineered spider than the one that granted Peter Parker’s powers, Miles Morales possesses abilities similar to the original Spider-Man’s, including enhanced strength and agility, the ability to adhere to walls and ceilings with his hands and feet, and a “spider sense” that warns him of danger with a buzzing sensation in his head. Though his strength and agility are similar to those of the original Spider-Man, his spider-sense is not as strong, as it only warns him of immediate danger. He has two abilities that the original Spider-Man does not have: the ability to camouflage himself, including his clothing, to match his surroundings, and a “venom strike” that can paralyze almost anyone with just a touch

Hailee Steinfeld will be lending her vocal chops to Spider-Woman (Gwen Stacy; colloquial: “Spider-Gwen”, “White Widow” or “Ghost Spider”. This Gwen Stacy is the badass drummer from an alternate reality where she and not Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider. Unlike Miles her powers are the same as the original Spider-Man,  her only major difference is that her tech was gifted to her by her realities version of the Wasp and she also has an excellent knowledge of police procedure, owing to being the daughter of a police captain.

This is where we jump into the obscure, with the always incredible Nic Cage voicing Spider-Man Noir. This alternate version of Spider-Man is a darker take on Spider-Man and the mythos is set in 1933 – during the Great Depression and is a part of the Marvel Noir universe. The grittier Spider-Man has all the originals powers but also has a pension for making nets out of his webbing. But who care about all that, because its Nic Cage.

This is Peni Parker from Earth-14512. In her world she is the adoptive child of May and Ben Parker and well she controls a Spider Mech powered by a radio active spider that she has a psychic bond with… yes this is where things get weird. If the voice sounds familiar that is because she is voiced by Kimiko Glenn from Orange Is The New Black and Voltron.

Finally we have Spider-Ham, AKA Peter Porker. Voiced by the hilarious John Mulaney I really do not know to explain this guy. He is from a world of anthropomorphic funny animal people.

This film looks like it is going to be the test bed for a few of Marvels more absurd heroes. 

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