Why Olivia Munn Is An Absolute BAMF

It seems that doing the right thing isn’t always popular, even if it is obvious, this is a harsh lesson that Olivia Munn has had to learn very quickly. While filming the latest Predator film it came to light that the director had gotten a job for  a friend of his, a friend who is a convicted sex offender, one that tried to seduce a 14 year old. Now I am not going to condemn Shane Black or his sex offender friend, better men and women than me can do that, for me I am here to say that we need more people like Olivia Munn in this world.

Once Munn was made aware of the situation the scene with the actor in question was cut, which is great, sadly afterwords she was left isolated being forced to promote the Predator movie alone. When questioned about this on twitter she had this to say:

Now since then several people have come out in support of the actress, Keegan-Michael Key contacted her privetley to tell her he was proud of her and Sterling K Brown made a public statement:

Since this has all come to light Shane Black has made an apology, some say it is not enough, others say its understandable, after all we can all have a blind spot when it comes to our friends and their worst behaviors. In the end this is not for me to say, personalty I think he should not have been hired in the first place. As I have already said I am not hear to condemn anyone instead I am writing this in full support of Olivia Munn.

She took the moral stance even though it possibly threatened her career and was willing to go it alone, this is a truly admirable action and one that more people should be willing to get behind. For her #METoo is not just something you say you are apart of, it is something you need to live and act on.

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