The Opposing Philosophies Behind Iron Fist Season 2


I still find it odd that there are a lot of people out there hating on Iron Fist, personally I still think it never shook off the stigma of being supposedly racist. Once again I will go on record and say I detest white washing and see it as pointless and a waste of time, but Iron Fist never white washed, in fact it continues to at least try and break the white savior mold, though even I feel it could do better at that. Personally I found the season to be far more entertaining that season 2 of Jessica Jones and a huge improvement on season 1 of Iron Fist. I managed to even come across one review of the series that attempted to review Iron Fist without even finishing all 10 episodes, which is impressive. Overall yes there is room for improvement but I still feel this show is unfairly judged. Now that my little rant is done I would like to talk about the two opposing philosophies that Iron Fist seems to push and how in the end it brings these together.

The first theme that Iron Fist delves into is that we all need to rely on others, throughout the season Danny begins to mistrust his judgement only to be brought back round by Colleen. While along the way Davos who is now alone spirals and in the end finds himself defeated. Both brothers try to fight alone and it is only when Danny stops and begins to ask for help that he finds any form of success. This can further be seen in Joy’s arc where she is blindly driven by revenge and the need to be alone which leads to her being hospitalized.

But on the other hand the show pushes hard on self reliance and how important that can be. We see Ward relapse into his addiction because of the doubt in himself, only to be told that he can never truly progress till he knows who he truly is. Meanwhile Mary, who harbors three distinct personalities has to learn to trust in herself, even if it means surrendering to her darkest instinct.

I found all this a little strange after all like I said earlier these are both diametrically opposite to each other, yet the series managed to bring it all together. In the end Danny tells Colleen that the two of them are like Yin and Yang and that these are never meant to be static, how they always need to be in motion. Maybe this is true for people, sometimes we need to be alone and others we need to be with people, to me this makes perfect sense.

Beyond that Iron fist touches on sacrifice for the end goal, with Davos having sex with a stranger, Danny giving up the Iron Fist, Ward walking away from the women he loves and Colleen giving up on finding her mother. This show is deeper than a lot of people give it justice, mix in some excellent fight choreography and a lot of minuscule touches that go right over the head of average western viewers and you have a great show. I am officially looking forward to what happens next.



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