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I hope you all have been enjoying this series as much as I have, shattered grid is officially one of my favorite comic book arcs ever written. With the Rangers finally regrouping and Lord Drakkon visibly shaken by an allies betrayal the stage is set for our villains inevitable downfall.

I wont deny that it is pretty epic to see these iconic heroes teaming up, especially in a more fulfilling way that any of the TV shows could have pulled off, accept for possibly Forever Red. Looking at this I am glad they skipped having the teams argue over who is in charge, because frankly that is a cliche that we can all do without, after all this is the Power Rangers. The only wild card here is the Dark Kimberly, we do not know what she will do, but I look forward to seeing what will happen with her. It was also a nice Easter Egg bringing back Grace and binding her to the creation of another Ranger Team, plus having a certain sibling reunion is just a nice tip of the hat to the fans.

Drakkon is his usual dickish self and we love him for that, it is interesting to note that we can still see that he is plagued by insecurities and those are probably down to the fact that he has forever been alone, at least in his mind. Though he has not truly ever been alone, Finster 5, seems to be his most loyal subject and I am starting to suspect that he may turn on his master out of genuine love for him. I do hope we get to see his origin story in the upcoming issues, because I am so curious to see how he came to be.

What I have loved about this is the idea that we are not the same people we where yesterday nor are we the same people we will be tomorrow, no matter what we have the ability to change. I am of course now referring to both Tommy and Kimberly, we are watching Tommy in the form of Drakkon continue his march to victory, yet deep down he has glimmers of something else, meanwhile Kimberly’s future self has freed herself from Drakkon’s control and she firmly stands with the heroes, though on a much darker path. It seems as though for the Rangers the future is yet to be written and things could always change for the better.

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