Overwatch Just Announced Their Latest Character

Overwatch has gone to some strange places with their latest character…

It may not be the rocket cat, but Hamster in a Ball of Death may be close enough !

Yes I said it, the latest character is a hamster.

So far it looks like this little guy may be Hammond and yes I had originally assumed Hammond was a Gorilla, but looks like I may be wrong.

Currently we can assume that they will have 2 or maybe 3 forms –

Form 1 – mobile turret where its walking on four legs and can shoot

Form 2 – ball of death where its mobile, fast, heavily armored but no or limited offence

Form 3 – Hamster form where they have a lot of speed but no weapons or armour and can bide their time to get the ball summoned back.

Of course Blizzard are infamous for trolling people and this may all be speculation, either way even though I am feeling a lot of trepidation going into this I still think this new character looks adorable.

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