Blizzard Make Hero 28 Play Defense

With the recent Hero releases in Overwatch we have seen a trend with the heroes, this trend see’s them being able to multiclass, for instance Moira can just as easily heal as she can dish out some serious DPS, I know a lot of people have complained about this but at the same time this give’s us a much greater variety in game play and allows more versatile teams. Still one section in the roster never seem’s to grow, that of the Defense. In defense we currently have:

Bastion – Is an omnic, one that was developed for battle, though now he is more of an explorer. Bastion can reconfigure between a mobile form outfitted with a submachine gun (Configuration: Recon) and a stationary form equipped with a Gatling gun (Configuration: Sentry). It also has the ability to Self-Repair and quickly regain lost health, and its Ironclad passive reduces damage taken. Its ultimate ability is Configuration: Tank, which allows it to roll on treads and fire explosive rounds from a smooth-bore cannon for a short period of time. He is not the quickest of heroes, but he dishes out a lot of damage and when you are caught in his fire there is not much you can do but run.

Hanzo – A Japanese archer, assassin and merc. Think Hawkeye or Green Arrow but more deadly. He is great for sniping enemies around the map and for letting you know the location of where your opponents are, he is also very fast letting you be mobile in your defense. He also has one of the most powerful Ultimate’s in game, where he summons to massive spectral Dragons, this can wipe and entire team

Junkrat – Real name Jamison Fawkes, is an Australian scavenger, mercenary and anarchist. He uses traps and explosives to wear down unsuspecting opponents and throw entire teams off guard. He is loud and over the top, perfect for anyone who wants to make an entrance, with a specialty in breaking up tight formations.

Mei – Mei-Ling Zhou is a Chinese climatologist and adventurer from Xi’an. She has the ability to freeze her enemies and build walls that can block damage or slow teams down. As defense goes she is surprisingly versatile and this adorable adventurer is the ultimate tank hunter.

Torbjörn – full name Torbjörn Lindholm, is a dwarfish Swedish engineer and weapons designer, and a founding member of Overwatch. The genius behind many of Overwatch’s best weapons this Swede builds turrets to help defeat his enemies, not only that but he can boost the armour of his entire team, this allows him to dinglehandedly bring teams back from the brink of defeat.

Widowmaker – Finally we have Amélie Lacroix, the sexy French sniper. This former Ballet star was brainwashed and genetically altered to become the perfect assassin for the villainous terrorist great Talon. Like Hanzo she can maneuver around the Battlefield with ease and can even let her team know where enemies are.

So what are we missing?

Honestly someone that like Mei creates more obstacles for the enemies to get through. Perhaps with AOE AND DPS abilities that can temporary slow or redirect the enemy team.

Think Like Marvel villian Paste Pot Peat/ The Trapster.

First off I am not making this name up, he had a glue gun and used that to commit crimes.

Another option could be a telekinetic, or more precisely someone that controls Polarities like the Deva Path in Naruto, someone that would let you push and pull your opponents.

My final option would be a pyro, someone that loves to burn things, but a controlled one, unlike the more anarchist Junk Rat this character would be brutal and methodical, in the vein of DC comics Heat Wave. They could create walls of fire or place fire traps and burn people with a flamethrower and be the Anti-Mei, though unlike Mei instead of healing maybe they would have a limited jump pack.

As for who could be this new character, maybe its an old enemy of Winston, one of Talons leaders, an Ex-Overwatch commander, The Queen of Junkertown or just someone completely new, I guess only time will tell.


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