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Could The Millie Bobby Brown Trolls Just Piss Off

Dear friends sorry I have been absent for to long I needed to take a little break to recharge my batteries and had hoped to return on Monday, alas this latest event has just roused me and left me furious. I will not go into so much detail on the topic because other more credible sources have and will do better coverage. Me I am going to just give you my personal ramblings. First off, why am I so angry?

Well its simple, people, grown adults, feel that it is appropriate to troll Millie Bobby Brown, the 14 year old star of Stranger Things.

Just let that sink in…

This comes in the wake of Kelly Marie Tran quitting social media because a bunch of losers though abusing her was funny and now this!

Seriously what is wrong with people?

Similar to my previous statement I just want to say, if anyone out there thinks trolling a 14 year old girl online is a sensible use of their time, then please come talk to me, or better yet, go to your bathroom, fill the bath with water, stick your head in it and just keep it there till you stop breathing.

Just because social media gives you a voice does not mean that your voice is worth listening to !

The 14-year-old  actor was made the subject of various homophobic/racist memes on twitter.  Several users added fake quotes onto her selfies and photoshopped her into memes to make it appear that she was spreading hate filled messages.

Many have come forward and said that what they did was all in good fun and Millie is in on the joke…

1.Clearly she isn’t and

2. Making it look like someone is homophobic or racist is not a joke, that could result in someone trying to hurt said person 

This is not funny, this is the product of idiots, you are going after a 14 year old, when did that seem like a good idea?

I am well aware that I am not the most PC person out there but frankly I am disgusted and for some reason completely not surpirsed. Maybe some of these where stupid jokes, maybe some where a crowd mentality, but I can bet quite a few where sad pathetic losers who where jealous of a teenagers success.

In end if you think this is funny, just drown yourself.


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