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Issue 28 continues to see the stakes rise, with Lord Drakkon going all out to defeat our heroes, its up to the few survivors of his deadly raids to band together and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Our tale begins with Kimberly and the last Time Force Ranger journeying through the cosmos in an attempt to grab any survivors they can get hold of, we see that they have a Lost Galaxy Ranger, a Jungle Fury Ranger, a Light Speed Rescue Ranger and a few others, this Frankenstein’s monster of a team, may just have a chance, or so we hope. Along the way Kimberly continues to struggle with the fact that Tommy wont be coming back and even if he does he might not be ‘her’ Tommy. 

Meanwhile Jason is trying to convince Dr K and the Power Rangers RPM that they need to evacuate, all the while Dr K argues that retreat is the last thing they should be doing. She instead pushes that they draw a line in the stand and force Drakkon’s troops to break like a wave on the shore, hopefully sending a strong message to him that not everyone will be defeated so easily. This does go well, until Drakkon turns up with the A-Squad Rangers and Koragg, The Knight Wolf,using them not only as his own personal team, but as his Van Guard in the assault. 

Of course all this is a feint and the real battle is happening at Lord Drakkon’s fortress where the Remaining original Rangers along with future Zack and Skull need to break in and free Ninjor, with so much on the line and so many variables that can go wrong we really cannot wait and see what will be happening.

As usual the art is vivid and gorgeous, each panel just flows into the next. What really makes this issue special is that it not only builds on the lore of previous iterations of the team but it also starts to ask existential questions about themes such as time travel and how it would effect the average human. It is beginning to read more like Neon Genesis Evangelion rather than Power Rangers. Still one of the best series out there and one anyone should pick it up.

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