Heroes And Villians London May 2018

If you have been following us on Social Media then you will know that we attended not one, but two conventions this weekend, First was MCM London and the second was Heroes and Villain’s. Both equally as enticing but at the same time so so different. MCM London was more like an american style convention with plenty to do and a tonne of variety, with Heroes and Villain’s was a different beast all together.

If you are the kind of person who wants to meet the cast of your favorite TV shows then this is the convention for you. It wont have all the gaming, shops, food and places to hang that a more traditional convention would have but this is the only place to go if you are a fan of Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Torch Wood and so many more. The staff where very helpful and tried to get as many people through as possible and once you got to the guests they where very warm and friendly. I know there was a lot of outrage on social media about costs for photo’s and yes I know that can be frustrating but the majority of guests where letting people get selfies, which was very cost effective, so yes well worth it.

My only major issue was that there was nothing to do between autographs and panels, plus these panels where difficult to get into. This would lead to you inevitably wondering round and purchasing things you may not necessarily need, like a photo with John Barrowman, still totally worth it. Also if you where to go, think of how much money you will need, double it, then go, while bringing some snacks and drinks, this way your day will be a lot more comfortable and not involve you running to the local supermarket to use their ATM.


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