This Quiz Lets You Rank The MCU With Ease

What is your favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe film?

Simple question right?

For me it has always been the original Thor, which apparently is the wrong answer to so many people but figuring out what your second and third favorite films can be a lot more difficult. Fortunately Twitter user Chuck Skoda has created a handy yet simple quiz to help you pick out your favorite MCU films, by always picking between two. The quiz is surprisingly intuitive and honestly I cannot completely disagree with the results.

The top 5 are correct though maybe I would move them around just a little and the bottom 6 are out of order to as for Dr Strange it maybe needs to be a little lower, but then again, I have only seen it twice while the other films I have seen many times, which I guess is why I am currently in the mood to watch it. Though not perfect I still think the results are quite close to my actual preferences. So, what about you guys, did you get the results that best reflect your preferences?

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