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Suiting Up With Marvel

Does anyone remember the days when we needed to be ashamed of our nerd hood, when at school we stayed away from everyone, or we went to see movies in obscure cinemas, our coffee shops where out of the way and our fashion was limited to T-Shirts, things have really changed for people like us. The world finally knows that Nerdy can be sexy and I am not talking about a girl who is half naked wearing  an unbuttoned Hogwarts shirt, I am talking about real sexiness, sleek, stylish and head turning. While visiting I came across these delectable little goodies, Suits for the Gents and Pencil Skirts with Blazers for the ladies. Ok some of these are a little over the top, but others are the right balance of subtle and style and I am a huge fan and hope you guys are too.

If your a DC fan do not fret as have you covered too with this very unique look, that I fear I wont ever be able to pull off.

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