izombie season 4 episode 8: “Chivalry Is Dead”

When a man in full knights armour is found dead its up to our favorite zombie to solve the case.

We finally get to see that Renegade is back and in full swing, it seems that Liv’s influence continues to grow as her underground rail road becomes more and more complex. I do worry that this will take to much of an emotional tole on her and possible break her because at the heart of it Liv cares to much and like I said before I am really happy that we finally see Liv rise up to her full potential. Interestingly enough she now has Peyton on her side, someone that could help her out of a lot of messy situations. Peyton even stole money from someone she really shouldn’t have.

With Peyton’s idea to get money that will fund Liv’s operation she accidentally drew Stacey Boss back to Seattle. Mr Boss is a welcome return he was always entertaining to watch. Plus its hard to top seeing him, Blaine and Don E witness a massacre at the end of the episode as they narrated it was just pure comedy gold. Though with him back on the scene it will be interesting to see what will happen with Peyton when its discovered she took the cash. It looks like Blaine and Boss will be coming to blows again.

In the mean while Blaine now has a new ally in the form of his father, which I still find fascinating. I think that Blaine entertains his fathers whims out of curiosity, maybe he even deep down hopes Angus has changed, of course this does not stop him from using Angus’s Horde of devoted worshipers to commit mass murder.

On crimes being committed Major is still trying to root out the corruption in Fillmore-Graves, it looks like he finally struck gold and now know what is comrades are up too. Two interetsing developments that I noticed where that Major still does not want to kill, in fact he tricked the thugs he was with into not killing someone. The other major development was when Major was caught talking to Liv, we do not know what they said, but I suspect that he will end up in over his head and will need Liv’s help to get out, which in turn will lead to him helping her and Peyton later in the season. Though they could surprise and have both sides just grow to hate each other.

I am beginning to tire of Clive’s love life and having it sync up withe murder case seemed a little cliched. They are heading towards a cliffs edge and I just am feeling like, why are we bothering with this? I like Clive and I liked Dale, it sucks with whats happened to them. Of course all this falls into line, a little to nicely, with the murder of a Larper by his so called friends. I should not that this could have been a very dull and boring brain but they really made it work.

In the end we are left with a bombshell of an incident when Liv is unable to turn someone into a zombie. I am assuming the problem is with the girl and not Liv, but it is an interesting development and one I look forward to seeing more of, though who can she tell about this, without putting all their lives in danger.

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