Is Venom Part Of The MCU

As it currently stands Venom seems to be worlds apart from the MCU. Which has left me with three theories – 

  1. Sony are mental and think they can create a Spider-Man universe, with no Spider-Man

  2. Venom is secretly part of the MCU and this is a big surpirse for during the film

  3. Both Disney and Sony are not committing and instead teasting the waters so see how this film is received.

No matter what happens there is still evidence that Venom will be part of the wider marvel cinematic universe. First off its a really minor thing but the music in the trailer does sound very familiar, like its been used in other MCU films, its only a minor link but that could be very important.

A bigger and more tangibile peice of evidence is a quote from Venom producer Matthew Tolmach when he was asked whether or not Spider-Man would appear in the film, Matthew did everything he could to do a political sidestep and avoid answering that question. Though Matthew would go on to say: “We are making a Venom movie and I think you’ll be very pleased.” It says nothing but he seems to think the fans will be pleased, so either he is lying or he knows there is something that will tie this into a much bigger world.

There are also rumour’s that Tom Holland will appear in the film too but that does beg the question, are Sony mad enough to have Venom without Spider-Man? After all they cannot refrence Captain America, Iron Man or the Rand Corporation so bar the life foundation, Oscorp and a few Spider-Villians what else can they do. Let’s hope Sony don’t mess this up.

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