I Am Feeling A Little Disappointed With Venom

For two reasons I am trying to hold my judgement back .

  1. Its only the first full trailer and

  2. I really hate crapping all over things

But this time I am struggling, at first glance I am not 100% sold on the look of Venom in this film, as he seems more akin to carnage. The clear lack of Spider-Man is also a hindrance, bar a slight retcon for all intensive purposes the venom symbiote was originally worn by Spider-Man and derived its powers from what Peter Parker needed.

The next major issue is the character of Eddie Brock, I hate to say this but Topher Grace may have actually played a more accurate Eddie Brock than Tom Hardy. Don’t get me wrong Hardy is the perfect build for the role, but in this film they have portrayed Brock as a noble man with good intentions, while in the comic’s he started off as kind of a dick. Later we would find out that like Spider-Man he was someone who was crapped on by the whole world and this further lent to his appeal as a dark mirror version of Spider-Man.

Another negative aspect is that we still do not know if this will be MCU affiliated, but that is a talk for another article.

I appreciate that Hardy is physically perfect for the role, the addition of the life foundation and a few other minor characters shows that the writers at least have a passing knowledge of the Marvel Universe, but the film ignores Brock’s switch from villain to anti-hero, it seems to lack a threatening villain, though I guess the life foundation will probably have other symbiotes and its head will use them to fight our protagonist.

In the end it’s still early day’s so we will need to wait and see.

P.S. What was with the way they where pronouncing symbiote


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