Overwatch: The Retribution Trailer


Oh Blizzard did I ever tell you how much I love you.

Last years uprising event was spectacular and one of my gaming highlights for 2017. In Uprising you took control of an Overwatch Team sent into London to take down an Omnic terrorist group called Null Sector. It was fun, being able to burn through the streets of London going up against a massive force of robots, but it was not enough, we where teased with what Overwatch did while on duty and we need more.

With this event being renamed Archives we can see that Blizzard are taking things in a different direction, because we will no longer be focusing on a single event from the past of Overwatch  but instead at various points in the organisations history. Their latest addition is the Retribution mission where Reaper, back when he was a hero, leads Blackwatch, consisting of himself, Genji, McCree and Moira, on a mission against Talon. judging by the dialogue we hear in the trailer something went terribly wrong and this mission is the one that preceded the fall of Overwatch.

In Uprising it was kind of  struggle because you really lacked fire power, but with Mercy’s healing, Torb’s armour and Reinhardt’s shield your team had the staying power, mix that with Tracer’s mobility and you where fine, this time round things will be different. In Retribution you have a team of three attack heroes and one support in the form of Moira. This means that you will really be depending on your teams speed to strike the enemy fast and then fall back into a safe position, though with that power behind your attacks there.

In the end I look forward to seeing how this mission will affect the overall story of Overwatch.



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