Persona 5 The Animation Trailer 2

Part of the reason that I have been so slow up loading videos recently has been my obsession with Persona 5, the game has a great plot and will suck up any free time that you have, fortunately if you don’t have the time to throw yourself into such an immersive game you can instead hold off and check out the anime series instead. Set to be released next month this trailer shows that Persona 5 is going to be a thrill packed romp. Produced by A-1 Pictures (Fate/Apocrypha and Blue Exorcist) this series will be a retelling of the game, seeing a group of high school students gain the abilities to break into the hearts of the wicked and change their hearts for the better. It sounds a little weird but this one is really worth it and if they follow the plot closely there is no reason why this wont be great. If your worried about not playing the previous games in the series do not fret you will be able to jump into this gorgeous series with no issues. I for one will be forcing a few of my friends to watch this one…



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